Thursday, August 16, 2012

My lips are in heaven

I had a plan.  I had a definite plan of attack.  It all went to pot once the second envelope arrived.  I am in the very enjoyable process of testing out Fair Trade lip balms from several companies, and when the first package arrived I decided that the most scientific and unbiased method would be to systematically work my way through each flavor, one creator at a time...but then the second envelope arrived.  Then the third.  Then another.  I was having a good old time enjoying my first pick, "Coffee Bean" and then I was lured away by the seduction of licorice, sweet orange, lemon lavender, coconut ginger, and oh my, there's a tinted one! There went the science, and one week later, I have forced myself to go back to the original method and I am once again committed to my Coffee Bean, which is pretty darn amazing.   More about that and two other flavors from a very cool company that uses raw, vegan, organic ingredients coming soon.  I'm off to hydrate!

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