Friday, April 12, 2013

FFF: Five Little Birdhouses

I've been hanging birdhouses and wind-chimes in the tree outside the shop recently and the little birds who live in the bricks overhead came down to explore the potential homes.

Their favorite:
$29, Cameroon,

In the Cameroonian grasslands, calabashes are used for drinking water, milk or palm wine; storing palm oil, honey and medicine; keeping gunpowder dry; and as musical instruments.  Here, it is reinvented as a light-weight birdhouse.  Size varies, avg. height 10-12".

My favorite:

$13, Bangladesh,
Made from kaisa grass and dyed a bright green, this round house has a painted cane roof and a hinge on the back that allows for easy cleaning after your fledglings have left an empty nest.

For wall-mounting:

$39, Phillipines,
Made from wood and vines, this trio of avian cottages has hardware for mounting on the wall.

What to get the person who has every bird-house available?
$25, Indonesia,
How about a monkey made out of a coconut?  I love the idea of a bird crawling right into the tummy of this cheeky monkey.

For the bees (not the birds)
$25, Phillipines,

Mason bees don't sting, and they make great pollinators for your garden. When hung from house or tree, this bee house, made from natural, weather-resistant bamboo, attracts the female bees, who lay their eggs within the house's tubes.

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