Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Feet

I mentioned a new website, 7 Hopes United, and some cute sandals I spotted there.  Happily, I have a pair on their way to my door, and I can’t wait to try them out.  Sseko Designs has come up with a design that is pure genius, and the versatility of their sandal is enough to get anyone excited.  The fact that they are fair trade makes my heart sing and my toes tap.  
Based in Uganda, Sseko Designs (SAY-KO) “began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women to continue on to university. Sseko has graduated three classes of women. Every woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree.  In addition to [their] university-bound team, Sseko also employs a full-time team of women from all walks of life. By creating an environment of dignity, honor, creativity and dedication, Sseko Designs provides the opportunity for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.”
In their words, “Every Sseko has a story.”  And in my mind, every pair Sseko has the potential to be a hundred different sandals.  As if their story wasn’t enough, this is the really cool part…
Each sandal comes as a standard (sizes 5-10) sole with 5-anchor points.  The first strap of your choice is included, starting at $49 per pair.  The 64” sandal straps are removable, washable, and can be styled in unlimited ways.  Once you have your first pair, changing the style, color, or appearance is as easy as buying a new strap or accessory.   
Summer Sorbet Chiffon strap $16

Straps range from $10-16, and accessories range from $12-19.    
Triangle Sheba Accessory, $19

There are helpful videos that show you how to tie some of the various styles, but part of the fun is discovering your own signature style.

One of the wonderful things about the unfixed strap that I can see even before I’ve tried them on is that the straps will adjust to accommodate wide or narrow feet, and could make life a bit easier for the 60% of the population who have different sized feet.  (you are not alone!)  Also exciting is the possibility of a summer free from the blisters and chafing that occur as a result of straps rubbing the same place on your foot day after day.  Washing straps that get creased or dirty is such a great bonus. 
I am SO excited and cannot wait to wear them on my upcoming beach trip (and everywhere else in the meantime).

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