Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red, White, and Oooooohh!

I'll be totally honest.  I was going to post about a handful of objects perfect for the Fourth of July, and talk about how I generally don't love red, white, and blue as a color combination but get strangely patriotic this time of year and want to color-coordinate every detail of whatever festivities are going on with the American flag. That little plan was derailed when I typed the following sentences:

"There are 20 countries celebrating their own Independence Day sometime this month, and I feel humbly grateful that my biggest problem for the weekend is whether or not the store will be sold out of red and blue tablecloths and flag napkins.  The citizens of Belarus, Venezuela, and Malawi, also celebrating their national Independence Day in the next few days, cannot say the same..."

I mean, I could hardly go back to talking about strappy sandals and vintage-inspired print dresses after that, could I?  It is simply unjust that some people on the planet (me) have the personal freedom and luxury to grill some fat steaks, drink cold beer, and listen to whatever music they want, wearing whatever they want, with whomever they want on Independence Day while others mark their national holiday hoping they will someday see freedom from dictatorship, upheaval, war, famine, riots, and daily danger and struggle.

This weekend, I count myself so blessed and so thankful for the freedom I take for granted, and pray that those who live in strife today will see peace and freedom in their lifetime.

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