Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

It is difficult to try and blog as a retail manager this time of year, since all the good stuff is coming out that I'd like to share online, and it is the exact time of year to find out about thoughtful gift-giving and cool fair trade finds, yet it is the season in which I have the least time to do anything but keep my nose down.  My life is all inventory management, holiday displays, marketing and events, and oh, yeah, I just moved into a new home.  In absence of a regular schedule of posts about cool gifts for this holiday season, please enjoy perusing the Fair Trade Federation's 2014 Gift Guide.  I love how it reminds me of flipping through the Sears Catalog as a kid, every year circling the moon shoes* I would never get.

 *I can't believe moon shoes cost $80!  No wonder my parents never bought them for me.

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