Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm moving,

said the blog.
Life changes and sometimes you outgrow your current situation. I intended to use Just Fair Fare as a venue for sharing products and lines, but more and more, I find myself wanting to blog about my life and work as well as product finds.  Because not everything I own is fair trade (hello thrift shop, hello diy, hello budget) and the focus is on JUST fair trade fare I end up not posting anything.  Incidentally, researching products and sourcing images and content takes quite a bit more time than I thought it would, as does reviewing products, because written content is laborious to edit.  That means when I am busy at work, when I am involved in a diy project, when what I am working on does not feature a fair trade element, or when it is just nice outside, I don't blog at all. Inconsistent blogging is no fun for anyone and it makes me feel neglectful.

I'm moving to a new platform and a new name, and like any move, it gives me the opportunity to begin incorporating all of my interests into one happy home.  I'll still be featuring fair trade lines, products, and news, but I'll also be expanding the content to include other aspects of my life and work, some of which include:

-visual merchandising
-home d├ęcor

My new address is: JustFairJuliet.com and I hope you'll come over for a visit.

Now please excuse me while I forward my mail and sort through which links to pack up.

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