Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fair Trade Bicycle Fare

It looks like the early spring weather is here to stay in Atlanta, and it is the perfect weather for  leaving the car at home and biking around town.

As part of their Spring 2012 collection, Serrv has offered up three dandy options for outfitting your ride.  Classic wicker, colorful bolga, or eco-graphic zig zag, each of their handlebar baskets makes a cool and useful addition to your ride, and retail for less than $45 each.



If you prefer your view unimpeded, a standard bolga basket or one of these sturdy options from Ten Thousand Villages can be attached to a rear rack and easily removed to serve as a market basket.

Snack Wrapper Picnic Tote, $39

Essential Companion Tote, $39
For those who like to wear their haul, messenger bags from Serrv, Ten Thousand Villages, and Gorilla Sacks are plentiful and varied, as are accessories and gifts for the bicycle enthusiast.

From Beloved's Mercantile, recycled wire bicycle earrings:, $7
 And from Noah's Ark International Exports, a bicycle chain bottle opener:, $8

A San Francisco-based company has found a very clever way to merge their passions for biking and Fair Trade by creating The Bicycle Coffee Company.  They deliver freshly roasted, FT coffee by bicycle to locations in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, CA.

If you need more inspiration to do your own Fair Trade biking this year, check out the blog "Fair Trade Bike Ride", a current travelogue that takes a Vancouver man from his hometown in British Columbia, through the US, Central America, and all the way down to Santiago, Chile by bike, visiting Fair Trade producers along the way.

Happy Riding!


  1. I will have to look into one of those baskets. I have a folding bike, and I don't want anything I have to bolt on. But these look like they attach w/snaps, so they'd be perfect.

  2. The bolga basket has buckles and the other two have small arms that slide over the handle bars. The holes in the companion tote are large enough that you could slide a couple of velcro or snap straps through, but it would sit quite a bit higher than a standard basket so I don't know what that would do to your visibility...worth a try though, it is a great basket to have around for just about anything.

    (By the way, that is a seriously cool bike you have.)