Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot N' Sunny? Dark N' Stormy!


I'm all packed for a long weekend on the Gulf, and even though this time last year saw me snorkeling in Bermuda (sigh of longing), I love the Florida Panhandle and am a blessed gal to be able to get my toes in any kind of sand this summer.  I'll be feeling like I am back in Bermuda again with one of its national cocktails, the "Dark N' Stormy".  A refreshing and fizzy cocktail that has become my favorite summer drink, what makes the Dark N' Stormy so great is the combination of chilled spiced rum, ice-cold spicy ginger beer, and splash of fresh lime that hints at spiciness but cools and excites your taste buds simultaneously.  And hey, what do you know, there are two very considerate companies that make it possible to enjoy a cocktail "responsibly" in more ways than one.

From Papagayo* a single-estate, organic and fair-trade Spiced Rum, and from Maine Root, a "wicked" spicy fair-trade Ginger Brew made from fresh ginger and organic cane juice.  For those who leave the rum drinking to pirates and Johnny Depp (oh, wait), adding a couple of teaspoons of dark molasses to your ginger beer and lime is a nice alcohol-free alternative. 
*Papagayo uses "Fair Trade USA" certified sugar cane from co-op plantations, so be sure to check out their labor statement if the recent developments regarding Fair Trade USA and plantation growing are of concern to you.

You'll need:
  • One part spiced rum
  • Two parts ginger beer (ginger ale works in a pinch if you can't find the extra spicy stuff)
  • Fresh lime wedge or slice
  • Ice
  • Highball glass (personally I love a mason jar for drinking anything in summer)
Place ice in glass, pour rum over ice, pour ginger beer in, squeeze lime and drop it in.  Enjoy!

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