Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Preview Serrv's new Fall Collection

Serrv is one of my favorite companies for fair trade home goods, jewelry, and personal accessories.  They manage to create designs that have lasting appeal but are right on track with the most current trends, have transparent and authentic fair trade relationships, and always manage to offer beautiful goods at reasonable prices.  The theme of Serrv's 2013 fall catalog is "Family & Traditions", highlighting the national (USA) focus on increasing self-reliance for individuals and families, favoring home life, 'staying in' rather than going out, and a huge revival in domestic arts in response to (or in preparation for) a poor economy.

$24, Made in Mexico

$25, Made in Mexico

$35, Made in Ecuador

I love that the simple and creative use of balls of yarns, skeins of thread, and knitting needles as a textural backdrop for jewelry.
$22, Made in Ecuador
Acai bead jewelry is everywhere.  I love this "Solstice Fiesta" bracelet.  (Dear Serrv, this design would also make a super cute napkin ring holder for summer 2014)

$18, and guess where it is made!


Needlework themes also shows up in the jewelry itself, like these diminutive cross stitch earrings, and an embroidered cuff made by the women of Threads of Yunnan.  Threads of Yunnan works with small-scale artisans in some of the most impoverished villages in the Yunnan province of China to improve the lives of rural ethnic minority women while also preserving their cultural traditions and raising their self-esteem. As someone who embroiders I have mad respect for the ladies who create the bracelet.  Those stitches are impeccable and the shading is lovely and vibrant.  And whaaa?  Fair Trade from China?!?  Finally! 
$14, Made in India
This funky little coin purse has much cooler stitching than I could ever do, and I love the mix of free-style stitching and tiny sequins and beads.

I also love going behind the scenes to learn what goes into shooting a visual media piece, and I really enjoyed this look into Serrv's catalog photo shoot.  (Sorry, for some reason, I can't embed it.)

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