Friday, July 26, 2013

FFF: Gatsby style

I mentioned (quite some time ago, ahem) a great fashion trend inspired by a film, and although it is probably on the way out, I still love the 20's era pieces inspired by Baz Luhrman's Gatsby.  The movie came out last winter, but the setting of a hot summer on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States feels very timely, after more than 3 languid weeks of 80 degree heat and 80% humidity that forces one to lay in the shade under a fan, wearing light, shapeless, frocks and gossiping about old scandals while drinking Mint Juleps and Gin Rickeys.  Add a peacock feather to your headband, practice your Charleston, and celebrate the spirit of the roaring 20's with these 5 easy pieces:

The idea of film inspiring fashion has been around as long as the medium itself, and Theda Bara's 1917 depiction of Cleopatra and 1918 depiction of Salome even inspired fashion trends of the early 20th century, including draped, gauzy, sleeveless dresses dripping with crystal embellishments, Egyptian inspired ornate jewelry, and forehead-covering headpieces, cloche hats, skullcaps, and horizontally slung headbands.
$12, Made in India,

The Daisy Chain headband from Ten Thousand Villages adds just the right amount of sparkle to your brow and looks great paired with the Crocheted Wire Bloom Hair Clip.
$49, Peru,

This Variegated Serpentine necklace from Peru plays off the 20's/Egyptian trend, and is a great statement piece with a simple tank dress.

$24, Made in India,
A long string of pearls doubled to choker and navel lengths is the ubiquitous necklace style of the 20's, but part of the fun of trying new trends is referencing them rather than sporting styles that are a bit too obvious.  I prefer this "Dark River" long strand of diminutive, dark, iridescent beads to basic pearls.  They are just the right amount of moody and glamourous.

$14, India,

These brass Chevron Fringe Earrings from Mata Traders play up 20's style fringe and the geometric shapes inspired by the Art Deco movement, and give just the right amount of flapper style without being too literal.
$18, Made in Guatemala,
This Blue Art Deco Beaded Bracelet has sparkle in blue, green, and black swirls, and feels lightweight on muggy summer days.

For more Fair Trade Gatsby-inspired accessories, see my "Gatsby style" board on Pinterest HERE.

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